1. Resources are issued within the issue duration limit of the user.
  2. The user should get the materials duly issued at the Circulation Counter or at the Self-Checkout
  3. The materials should be collected in person.
  4. The latest issues of the journals will not be issued.
  5. Annual reports and Career guides are issued for two days.

Reservation (Holds)

  1. The reserved resource should be collected from AUM Library within 24 hours after intimation.  Otherwise the reservation stands cancelled.
  2. Resources can be reserved only when they are on loan.
  3. The availability of the reserved item would be communicated through e-mail.


  1. Books should be returned on or before the due date.
  2. Automatic reminders would be sent to the User accordingly.


  1. Books can be renewed once for 10 days if there is no reservation against the particular item.
  2. Journals and AV resources loans will not be renewed.

Lost / Damaged Resources

  1. The Users should replace the resource at his/her own expense within 30 days.
  2. If the user fails to replace the loaned item within the stipulated time, the Library would initiate the purchase thereof and the user would be charged the actual cost of the resource plus 20% additional charge depending on the type of the resources.

Collection Development Policy (current policy can be retained for now)


The AUM Library holds a hybrid collection of printed as well electronic resources which include books, journals, databases, audio-visuals, CDs/DVDs, e-books, e-journals, reports, conference proceedings, training manuals, etc. We focus on online resources in order to keep our faculty and students abreast of the latest in scientific advancement. AUM Library resources support the teaching and research activities in its respective colleges and departments. The resources made available are chosen based on the curricula offered by the University.


The AUM Library gives priority to purchasing books which meet the curricular needs of the students, faculty, and researchers, including modules papers, collateral reading, and class assignments. We pay special attention to new programs in order to maintain and make available the required resources. We procure three to five copies of all the essential and recommended reading lists, out of which one is kept for reference and the rest are made available for open access.

Selection Criteria

Acquisitions of both purchased and donated include all formats and are made based on the following:

  1. Importance/relevance to the curriculum
  2. Contribution to depth or breadth of the collection
  3. Faculty recommendation
  4. Demand by user
  5. Adequacy of scope
  6. Physical quality

Methods for Building Resources

  • Receiving suggestions from faculty members, staffs, and students
  • Publisher’s catalogs
  • Book reviews and announcements
  • New addition list from selected universities in the country and abroad
  • Books received from vendors on approval basis
  • Book exhibitions

Duplication of Books

We base decisions to procure a duplicate copy of books and other resources on the following criteria:

  • Resource usage as indicated by the Library automation system or through staff members observation
  • Curriculum related as suggested by faculty
  • Demand by the users

Suggest a book/journal

Faculty members/staff and students can suggest the purchase of print and digital materials for the library through the library catalogue. Users can login to their account using their AUM username and password and choose Purchase suggestions option.

The page requires the title only, but the more information you enter the easier it will be for the librarian to find the suggested resource.

After receiving purchase suggestions, library staff evaluate the suggestion based on the following criteria:

  • Library staff check for book availability in the existing library print and electronic collections.
  • Library staff evaluate the book according to its library collection development policy.
  • Patrons will receive an email when library staff processes their suggestion.