Library Services

The library provides a range of services to support learning and research among which are circulation, study room reservation, off-campus access, instructional workshops and orientation tours.



The Library supports the research and learning experience by providing accessible print resources through a dedicated circulation policy available on the library website. The circulation service provides issue/return/renewal/ reservation services for students to ensure they make the most of the library resources. Ready reference services are also provided to its users.

Patrons can search for ACM Library resources such as books, journals and other resources through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) on the ACM Library website. ACM OPAC allows patrons to check availability status of library resources, including books and journals and provides them with personal library accounts where they can view the items they have checked out and the overdue items.

Meeting Room Booking

The Library has 18 fully equipped group study rooms.

Each study room is accessed via a room booking system that the students may access on the library website or via the tablets available next to each room.

The doors have access control so the students who reserved the room may swipe their student ID to access it.

Study rooms can accommodate up to 6 students.

Each room in the loud zone is equipped with an interactive touch screen.

Study rooms can be reserved by clicking here.

Guidelines for their use can be found here.

Off-Campus Access

The university uses a proxy service so that students, faculty, and staff can access online resources such as the catalog, databases, and e-learning platform from outside the campus by using university credentials.

Information Literacy/ Library Activities

The library offers instructions and orientation services to students and faculty through sessions held by the library team to teach patrons how to successfully use the library resources and facilities. Guided tours and in-class orientations are offered at various times throughout the academic year, generally upon the request of a faculty member.

To request an instruction session, please contact the Library by email. One-on-one sessions can be arranged upon request.


Library e-learning zones (computers)

The four E-Learning Zones are equipped with approximately 180 computers for students to access all electronic resources available through the library and the E-learning courses.


The HD Cinema comprises high-quality equipment where students can enjoy the clarity of the visuals as well as the full-surround sound system. It accommodates around 100 movie theater seats and offers the full experience of watching a movie at the cinema.

  • The Library conducts open-reservation sessions two days a week every semester and invites students to watch inspirational or motivational movies in a variety of genres, such as action, drama, and sports.
  • Faculty members can also request a session at the Cinema to show a particular educational movie or display a video from ACM’s online databases.

Collaborative Space

The library has four collaborative spaces, which can house up to 8 people in each room for interactive and collaborative work. Each space has its dedicated large screen to facilitate the collaborative work and brainstorming among students.

Individual Study Spaces

The Library provides individual study spaces that can accommodate a large number of students. In addition to this, the library also has 28 fully connected high-tech individual study cubicles.